What does it mean to manage Precept Wealth Management as a Ministry? Let me begin by providing an example:

I had a gentleman come into my office and we had a fantastic business conversation. As we were wrapping up the conversation, I made a statement; "If there is anything you ever would like to personally discuss, I'm here to listen." No Bible thumping, no dogmatic preaching of hell, fire, and damnation; just this simple statement. At this point a Thank You was preceded by his hesitation. I inquired as to his hesitation. He said in a sober voice, "I wish there was someone like you that a friend of mine could have talked with before he decided to commit suicide."

Managing a company that lines itself with Biblical principles is not always about sharing the Gospel. Grant it, sharing the Gospel is an essential function of every Christian; moreover, it's the simplicity of acting out what the Bible tells us to do. Therefore, Precept Wealth Management is dedicated in our ministry to not only to share the Gospel, but the applying the Biblical principles that are laid before us in a business atmosphere.

In our pursuit to utilize Precept Wealth Management as a ministry; we strive to be an example to other business owners, and to be that leader in the community, in the work place, and in clients/customers lives. With this knowledge we understand that being a Christian is that even when you think no one else is watching, you're doing what honors God.


Kyle A. Sadler, President
Precept Wealth Management


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